Very simple and great explanation of what SEO is.

SEO or search engine optimization is the process of optimizing your website so that your web pages appear higher in search engine’s search results for keywords that are related to your industry. This can be a fantastic way for a business to promote their services to consumers who have a particular problem that a business in their industry may be able to solve.

Google uses a trademarked algorithm which organizes its websites when searches are made. The way in which the search engine orders the websites is by making a judgement against each individual website’s authority factor. The more importance your website has with the search engine, the higher in which it will be shown.

There are two main areas of SEO. They are as follows:

On Page SEO
On page SEO is all the optimization that takes place with the website directly. This means ensuring code is clean and written to a high standard, all title and meta tags are fully optimized, URL and alt tags are relevant and individual web page’s load speeds are optimized to the fullest.

Another crucial element to the on-page factors is ensuring your content is unique, interesting to read and uses correct keywords and keyword density.

Offering a well-structured website which makes it easy for users to navigate easily and quickly to the product or topic of choice they require will also increase chances of visitor conversion.

Off-Page SEO
Off page SEO is all the optimization that happens away from the website and is by far the area of the whole SEO process that adds the most value to your authority or importance factor with the website.

In order for the search engine to show your website in a high position, it must be sure that your organisation is reputable and worth recommending its customers to.

The majority of a websites authority will come from a process known as ‘backlinking’.

This is the process of acquiring hyperlinks pointing to your website from an external website. It is essential that the link pointing to your website comes from a source that is relevant to the industry in which you operate.

The more authoritative the website that provides a link pointing to your website is, the more ‘link juice’ will be passed through the link. In other words, the link passes a certain authority value to your website.

Think of the external website acting as a recommendation for your company to the search engine. The more trusted and authoritative the website that provides the link is, the more seriously google will consider the recommendation.

Take Advantage of FREE keyword research from smaller agencies
Smaller agencies tend to have lower overheads than larger agencies. Therefore, the smaller agencies can often provide an audit of your current SEO position for free.

I would encourage every business owner who is considering utilizing SEO as a marketing strategy to try and obtain a free analysis of their website and back link portfolio. It will give you a major head start in putting together a great campaign yourself.